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Digital Gift Aid Service

The charity sector is currently facing challenging times. While the demand for charity services is rising, many charities face a real-term decline in crucial income streams.

With back office processes focused on meeting income targets, Gift Aid unsurprisingly is often relegated to a “best endeavours” approach. We believe this doesn’t need to be the case. We provide solutions to meet the challenge of increasing your Gift Aid income.

Through our Digital Gift Aid centre, we prepare your eligible data, combining our Gift Aid API with your charity’s website, we manage the responses for you, and we create the digital Gift Aid declarations.

  • E-Mail
  • SMS
  • Phone
  • Campaigns

Gift Aid knowledge and expertise

Our unique digital service

When is the best time to ask for a Gift Aid declaration? Too soon, and the supporter may simply not be ready to make that level of commitment, especially older members and regular givers, but leaving it too late the message is often lost in other communications.

The digital Gift Aid Solus Mailing means you can target your best prospects with a proven history of eligible gift aid potential.

Turn an onerous task into a simple, focused ask.

Watch our explainer video for a deeper dive into our service.

The Great Benefits of Our Digital Gift Aid Service

Increase Income

Our enduring Gift Aid Declaration will ensure you never miss an eligible donation.

Cost Effective

The most cost-effective way to recruit existing supporters to Gift Aid.

New Gift Aid

We create 100% valid declarations, handle all responses – send you back the data.

High Volumes

We manage a premier service for high-volume campaigns.

Website Integration

We work with your web teams to combine our API with your charity's website.

Comms Channels

We work with your preferred communication channels.

Identify Matches

We work with your Gift Aid team to identify the best prospects to ask.

Conversions & Repairs

As well as converting existing supporters, we even manage Gift Aid repairs.

Data Suppressions

We can apply all of your requested data suppressions.


If you need to update contact data and consent – you control the message.

Eligible Gifts

Using our Exclusions Manager, we ensure your gifts pass the HMRC rules.

Simplify Process

Automatic PDF confirmation receipts, we even automate the Oral Gift Aid process.

Why work with us

Providing security, experience, and solutions

  • The Support we offer is based on our can-do philosophy
  • Over 40 years senior management team experience
  • Charity people who really understand your challenges
  • Providing solutions to the problem of multi-platform data

Campaign control

Whatever communication channel you prefer, YOU decide who you want to contact. We filter your data to remove ineligible donors, ensuring you maximise the conversion rates.

Build your bespoke programme

Digital Gift Aid Solus mailings are simple to manage. We handle all the responses quickly and effectively using our unique API coding scripts.

Who is it for?

We work with all charity clients wishing to maximise Gift Aid. If you are planning a Gift Aid programme, why not make it digital and work with us to ensure you maximise the opportunity to increase your Gift Aid.

Digital Gift Aid

What you can expect


Our experience

Our unique Gift Aid Exclusions Manager will filter out anyone failing the Gift Aid rules


Data quality

We will provide communication ready data – whatever your preferred channel


Response handling

Our easy to use GES API will mean every response will be managed by Giftease Solutions

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Common questions

What data do we send you? Is there a limit?

Read more about What data do we send you? Is there a limit?

To get a new valid declaration (GAD), we will need supporter contact and transaction details for the past five years. There is no limit to the number you can approach in one single Gift Aid campaign – the choice is yours.

How do you check who is valid for Gift Aid?

Read more about How do you check who is valid for Gift Aid?

The data you supply is run against our Gift Aid Exclusions Manager. We will use any suppressions you provide depending on the service you opt for. From this, any supporter failing the Exclusions Manager will be filtered out, leaving you with just those supporters eligible for Gift Aid.

What should the webform hold?

Read more about What should the webform hold?

You decide! If you want to capture changes of addresses or the option to opt out of Gift Aid, you can. Whatever you choose to data capture, we will send the data back to you when the supporters sign up.

Does it only work for email?

Read more about Does it only work for email?

No, our service is designed to work with your multi-communication channels. We create a digital weblink for email and SMS campaigns that the supporter can opt to click on and sign up for. For offline campaigns, we supply you with a unique digital code to embed into your mailing and a link to your website’s sign-up page. When your supporter visits your page, they enter the code and sign-up.

Phone campaigns are designed to work with your supporter care teams or external fulfilment houses. When engaging with the supporter to ask for a Gift Aid declaration, your team member or agency simply enters the code and selects verbal/oral as the Gift Aid type. The supporter will receive a special confirmation email which includes the 30-day to cancel option.

How do we get our Gift Aid Declarations?

Read more about How do we get our Gift Aid Declarations?

We provide the data you require to update your CRM. We can return the digital images to you, or you can use our Media Hub storage and retrieval product. Media Hub gives you access to your images anywhere, anytime, via your dedicated web platform.

Can you repair our Gift Aid?

Read more about Can you repair our Gift Aid?

YES! We will ask you to provide gift aid files, and we manage responses through your dedicated repair GAD web form, either closing the declaration or producing a digital GAD for you.

Can we claim on past donations?

Read more about Can we claim on past donations?

YES! The enduring declaration is for past and future donations. So use it to contact members, regular givers, and even recently lapsed donors. By supporters signing up for Digital Gift Aid, you can claim all valid donations made over the last four tax years.

Can we use this service to update existing older Gift Aid donors?

Read more about Can we use this service to update existing older Gift Aid donors?

YES! You can use the digital Gift Aid web form to confirm a donor’s tax status. You can even adapt the declaration to single one-off or annual declarations – you make the rules, and we embed them using our powerful API.

Offering the complete package

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Our experience with charities

We've built our platform through the experience of collaborating with charities just like you. Our vision is to make our innovative, cost-effective, and flexible web platform available to all charities.

We would love to work with you so we can keep on building more great products and features.