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Gift Aid Hub was the first out of the box” product by the Giftease team. Having delivered Gift Aid solutions to the sector for over 20 years, Gift Aid Hub was the natural launch for our platform. In summary, the product stores previous  claims, drafts new claims and delivers ongoing accruals. 

  • Accruals
  • Preview tax claims
  • Store past tax claims
  • Custom exclusions
  • Submit tax claims
  • Identify repairable Gift Aid

Making a tax claim is simply a matter of pressing a button any time – anywhere.

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What it does

Managing the fully automated pre-tax claim audit, the Gift Aid Exclusions Manager determines – based on eligibility – what can go forward to be claimed and holds back and reports on what has failed the pre-submission tax claim checks. This feature alone will save hours, if not days, of checking and rechecking the validity of the donations in your latest tax claim.

Gift Aid Hub refreshes each time your data is synched. It not only audits every single donor and donation in a new claim, no matter how large that claim, but it also produces a report of every donor and donation which has failed the mandatory HMRC rules.

All repair selections are exportable as TXT or CSV files to share with colleagues at a click of a button.


How it works

What you can expect



Draft your claim at the push of a button for pre-tax claim audits. Create in seconds, not hours, customised claims by date range, and run and rerun multiple draft claims until you are ready to submit the claim or access monthly or annual accruals.



Audit your draft claim with our intuitive breakdown summaries built into every claim. Our claims allow you to make one single claim broken down by eligible tax years. We even include the option to list supporters within the claims and to click through to the supporter’s record to check their Gift Aid record and declaration image.



Submit your claim directly to the HMRC Government Gateway and receive an automated notification once completed. Access the digital receipt from the tax claim record, see the claim retained in your historic claims list, and even reopen the claim to export the summarised submission data.



Dependent on your CRM solution, we can create tailored writeback files to update gifts with the newly claimed Tax ID or even automate the writeback process for you. Your host data will always be up to date with submitted tax submissions.

Gift Aid Hub Features

More than just Gift Aid submissions

Main Dashboard
Exclusions Overview
Exclusions Breakdown
Tax Claim Summary
Tax Claim Preview
Smart View - Gift Aid
Main Dashboard
Exclusions Overview
Exclusions Breakdown
Tax Claim Summary
Tax Claim Preview
Smart View - Gift Aid


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Why choose Gift Aid Hub?

For years, charities have made their tax claims with very few options on the amount of pre-tax claim checks that can be feasibly carried out, leaving many charities to wonder if the data on their CRM would pass an HMRC Audit. Gift Aid Hub is a game changer.

Claiming Gift Aid that is rightly yours

Think of Gift Aid as a timeline. At the point of claim, the Gift Aid Hub uses the latest information from your data to generate the claim. Moreover, Gift Aid Hub will ensure every eligible unclaimed donation is included in the claim.

Maximise your Gift Aid funds

It is frustrating to wonder who you should target for Gift Aid and who is risking your tax claims with Gift Aid errors. Gift Aid Hub’s Exclusion Manager will provide instant stats on every supporter who has failed one of the HMRC Gift Aid rules or your custom exclusions.

Accruing, drafting & managing tax claims

The Gift Aid Hub updates accruals every time you send us a data synch. Draft claims are delivered at the click of a button, allowing you to manage and audit claims before submission. We store claims for up to five years. Gift Aid Hub is your go-to tool for getting through external and HMRC audits.

HMRC Accreditation

We have worked with HMRC for over 20 years, ensuring our processes meet their exacting standards, seeking advice for our clients and supporting our charity base to understand what is required by HMRC in the event of an audit.

  • The Support we offer is based on our can-do philosophy
  • Over 50 years combined senior management team experience
  • Charity people who really understand your challenges
  • Providing solutions to the problem of multi-platform data.

We also offer

Gift Aid professional services

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Gift Aid validation

With years of experience behind us, the Professional Services Team will index and validate any Gift Aid Declaration, no matter how old. We understand the importance of recognising a declaration which will pass HMRC audit checks, more importantly, identifying declarations which need repairing.

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Gift Aid Repair

Having identified invalid declarations, we work with you to prepare the letters required to contact supporters to correct the declaration errors. We help replace lost declarations and even include tax claim status updates for future claims.

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Discovery day

We meet many charities that need a Gift Aid sanity check. We spend the day with you identifying any weaknesses in the processes which could put your Gift Aid at risk and work with you to put Gift Aid at the heart of your organisation.

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Bespoke workshops

Having spent time with your teams we identify areas of Gift Aid which may need no more than workshop training. Bespoke workshops, unlike our classroom learning, allow your charity to focus on what you need to bring order to your Gift Aid Scheme.

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Professional indexing service

If your media is not indexed speak to us on how we can provide, via our professional services team, an indexing service where we can index your documents into an easily sortable and accessible collection of your digital media.

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Choose a subscription that works for you

Giftease offers three subscription tiers. You can purchase each Giftease product individually or combine your products to develop a powerful fundraising tool. See below for our example costs based on purchasing just this product.

Gift Aid Hub requires a 12-month subscription, but Smart View is included for FREE.

Professional 599/year
  • 3 User Licences
  • 100 GB Cloud Storage
  • Max 150k supporters in database
  • Weekly Data Imports
  • Mon – Fri 9am – 5.30pm Support
  • Two Additional Licences (Upgrade)
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Enterprise 999/£ month
  • 5 User Licences
  • 500 GB Cloud Storage
  • Unlimited supporters in database
  • Daily Data Imports
  • Mon – Fri 9am – 5.30pm Support
  • Unlimited Licences (Upgrade)
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Offering the complete package

Our Gift Aid Hub solution can also be combined with

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Smart View (Free)

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Creating beautiful interactive data visualisations with our in-built Microsoft Power BI tool

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Bespoke Reporting

Save time recruiting, training and embedding a data team with data services from Giftease Solutions

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