Modern Data Stack

Manage, engage, and grow your organisation’s data with our secure web platform. Unify all data channels to create a 360-degree view of your supporter and prospect data.

Built on the modern data stack, we remove the need for complex in-house data engineering by using the latest cutting-edge technologies.

Modern data infrastructure looks very different in 2023 from even ten years ago. Today, many data teams at leading commercial software companies leverage “the modern data stack”, a combination of tools that simplifies managing enterprise data.

One Platform, Maximum Flexibility

With a range of products, we converge back-office processes into beautifully designed, intuitive and accessible solutions delivered as the complete charity toolbox.

We can release the shackles of your on-premise CRM and provide a more transparent and unified way to view your online fundraising data.

We have the tools to help you get things done and make every gift count.


Creating beautiful interactive data visualisations with our in-built Microsoft Power BI tool

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Use cases
  • Deliver fresh insights
  • Access anywhere, anytime
  • Use familiar tools.

Gift Aid Hub

Accrue, draft, submit and claim income through our powerful Gift Aid audit management tool.

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Use cases
  • Identify repairable Gift Aid
  • Custom exclusions
  • Preview and submit tax claims.

Media Hub

Media Hub is our cost-effective and intelligent media storage and retrieval solution.

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Use cases
  • Supporter centric storage
  • Find documents quickly and easily
  • Reduce storage costs.

Smart View

Smart View is our Interactive supporter relationship view presenting critical stats at the click of a button.

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Use cases
  • View the data that matters
  • Consolidated giving history
  • Data visualisations.


Reporting is our simplistic but powerful in-built reporting solution to download, email and share reports.

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Use cases
  • Download and share
  • Quick and simple access
  • Insert graphs and summaries.

What is a data management platform?

A data management platform is an integrated set of technologies that collectively meets an organisation’s end-to-end data needs. It enables the acquisition, storage, preparation, delivery, and governance of your data, as well as a security layer for users and applications.