Passion and Experience

With a passion for developing solutions, we have over twenty years of experience in software, web-based and database development. We have developed solutions for the charity sector by addressing the issues of data imports and rigid CRM data structures and built web-based solutions and integrations specifically for fundraising departments.

All our senior team have first-hand experience in data migrations, from tendering third parties to working through the process of appointing CRMS and moving data from the legacy database to the new host solution. We know the process is long and sometimes painful. It’s why we have Giftease. At whatever stage of the process, we work with you to support your fundraising and financial strategies whilst you work through the migration programme.

Migrating Alternatives

In the current climate and the unsure future many charities face, sometimes migrating to another CRM is just a step too far. We work with you to identify the drivers to the compromises and need to migrate and offer our complimentary services, which can make migrating your CRM a decision you can push down the road.

However, we know sometimes some charities require more support to access our products, which is why we offer a bespoke technical or operational service to all our clients.

Whether it’s a Discovery Day to assess the critical requirements to deliver growth in income or to work closely with your tech teams to access the data your fundraising and finance teams need, we have the experts at Giftease who can make that journey smoother.

Why choose our Support Services


We offer a plethora of technical services, from advisory processes to migrating your data – to exporting your data to our platform – just let us know what we can do to help. We have worked with most charity CRMs and provide the expertise we believe can complement your IT strategy.

Technical Discovery Day

Do you require our services to identify the data you need to export but would like advice on how to proceed? We offer a “Discovery Day”, a few hours to familiarise ourselves with your data, more importantly, your third-party platforms to ensure the necessary data is available for importing.

Fundraising Strategy

Very often, our clients will ask for analytics to deliver specific data. However, analytics depends wholly on the data you supply and the outcomes you hope to receive. We offer a Discovery Day to look at the specific results you require and to make sure we help set your expectations based on the data you can share

Consulting with our team

All our senior team have worked within and for charities for over 20 years. We specialise in technical solutions to fundraising issues with a combined 70 years of experience in the sector. We are the leading experts in technical and operational Gift Aid. We have met and resolved some complex issues over the years for our clients, some quite challenging problems, but we are solutions people – we expect issues and resolve problems.

  • 6 Platform Products
  • 3 Years in Business
  • 19 Team Members
  • 50+ Combined Years Charity Experience

Our experience with other charities

We've built our platform through the experience of collaborating with charities just like you. Our vision is to make our innovative, cost-effective, and flexible web platform available to all charities. We would love to work with you so we can keep on building more great features and products.

HMRC Accreditation

We have worked with HMRC for over 20 years, making sure our processes meet their exacting standards, seeking advice for out clients and ensuring our charity base understands what is required by HMRC in the event of an audit.

Interested in our support services?

We believe in a future where there should be many ways to encourage donations. Without that singular platform to bring together, all the data generated charities will remain dependent on compromised solutions.

At Giftease, we believe charities shouldn't need to compromise. It inhibits income growth. Without clarity, very often, seemingly unsuccessful income channels are dropped. Compromise is not the solution to future fundraising. We have the solutions to offer whatever size your organisation.

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