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When we asked, fundraisers told us the barrier to effective use of supporter data is the constant switching between the repository CRM, spreadsheets, and various giving platforms to try and piece together the data that matters, donations.

Never more so evident than with working from home, opening multi-platforms or software packages, and experiencing ongoing performance issues such as screen freezes, constant reboots, and sluggish time-out performances.

  • View the data that matters
  • Consolidated giving history
  • Maximise Gift Aid
  • Intuitive data visualisation
  • Quick and simple access
  • Exportable data

Without leaving our platform, you can check donor details, including Gift Aid statuses, declarations, donations, Gift Aid exclusions, addresses, suppression, and even stored attributes, making accessing the giving history, audit and finance checks that much speedier and more reliable.

Embedding our analytics into Smart View turns a charity’s onerous back-office process into an intelligent delivery of supporter information from multiple platforms, giving the fundraiser a 360-degree view of the supporter’s contact with your organisation.

Smart View presents the critical stats at the click of a button, in a visual format, as well as sortable, searchable data grids. The Summary displays collate the supporter’s active and recent lapsed giving histories, how that’s impacted by Gift Aid, and what media and data are stored and available.

  • Donations in three views: current, last and all years
  • “At a glance” widgests displaying giving histories
  • Fast effective pre-audit tax claim checks
  • Donor Status – deceased & goneaway status and dates actioned

Smart View getting smarter

Some of the new features we are working on are exportable data, downloadable supporter statements, propensity scoring, regional comparisons, and filtering donations and histories by data source (CRM, online or offline). 

Smart View will simply become even more intuitive as our clients request more features. 

Whilst we do not claim to be a CRM, we offer the benefits of combining data from your own CRM and other offline and online data sources into a 360-degree view of your supporters. 

How it works

What you can expect



Enter the supporter’s name or unique record number, and the intuitive search will return either your exact or closest matches. As with most searches, the more defined the data search, the quicker the returns. We then store your searches for repeat use through the easy retrieval search history field.



Smart View is accessible from other GES products, particularly Gift Aid Manager, during pre-audit checks. Using the unique Gift Aid Exclusions Manager – drill down searches to supporter level and click through to Smart View.



Smart View is a popular choice for Supporter Care Teams (SCT). Having the platform open on desktops allows SCTs to use their CRM for more traditional data entry, freeing up opportunities to discuss any issues on their records with donors quickly and flexibly.

Smart View Features

Interactive supporter relationship view

Main Dashboard
Gift Aid
Main Dashboard
Gift Aid

Smart View Features

Interactive supporter relationship view

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Why choose Smart View?

Smart View allows your fundraisers to have supporter information at their fingertips

Dashboard Widgets

Get supporter summarised giving histories and Gift Aid income from dashboard

Combine with Media Hub

Call up supporter stored media with a single click allows for speedy access to communications

Gift Aid Exclusions

Get Gift Aid excluded donations, with the reason for exclusion from supporters’ records


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  • The Support we offer is based on our can-do philosophy
  • Over 40 years senior management team experience
  • Charity people who really understand your challenges
  • Providing solutions to the problem of multi-platform data


Choose A Subscription That Works For You

We have three levels of subscriptions and products can be purchased individually or you can combine for a powerful fundraising tool. Contact us to get a tailored quote based on your requirements. We’ve outlined example costs based on just our Smart View product.

Foundation 149/mo
  • 1 User Licence
  • 50 GB Cloud Storage
  • Monthly Data Imports
  • Email next working day support
  • No Additional Licensing
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Enterprise 599/mo
  • 5 User Licences
  • 500 GB Cloud Storage
  • Daily Data Imports
  • Mon – Fri 9am – 5.30pm Support
  • Unlimited Licences (Upgrade)
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Offering the complete package

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