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We understand the intricate nuances of validating Gift Aid declarations, helping charities increase donations and achieve higher, HMRC compliant, conversion rates. We create tailored solutions that deliver tangible results by blending our technical expertise with a deep understanding of the charity sector and HMRC rules.

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Gift Aid Software and Consultancy

What we do

Since we founded Scanstore, a gift aid scanning and retrieval service acquired by Blackbaud Inc. in 2005, we’ve been providing Gift Aid software and consultancy services to the UK charity sector.

Over that time, we’ve been facing and solving the challenges of managing the Gift Aid scheme. It’s why we created Giftease Solutions.

If you have an issue with Gift Aid that isn’t listed under our services, please get in touch, as we would love to discuss how we can help.

After nearly twenty years in the Gift Aid business, we are confident we will find a solution – it’s what we do.

Together, we can make every gift count.

Gift Aid Metrics

Maximising Gift Aid Income

For many charities putting together accurate and achievable fundraising income targets depends entirely on trusting the data. And it is the same for Gift Aid.

It is often difficult to extrapolate historic Gift Aid data in a meaningful way. At Giftease Solutions, by analysing your Gift Aid data from the last four tax years, we provide the critical metrics to assist charities in increasing Gift Aid income by up to, on average, 20%.

Using “Exclusions Manager”, our powerful propriety software, we can identify data which provides meaningful analysis, including identifying data which needs repairing and, more importantly, your organisation’s untapped Gift Aid potential.

By simply receiving your data from any CRM, which, if required, can be anonymised, we produce the analysis which allows you to target and maximise your Gift Aid income.

Gift Aid Validation

Validate, protect and secure

After twenty-three years, it’s not surprising many organisations need to hit the reset button on their Gift Aid scheme. There have been many changes to the legislation governing Gift Aid, which has resulted in how the Gift Aid Scheme now operates.

As the scheme grows in longevity, keeping a tighter grip on the process is vital to ensure your organisation can continue to depend on Gift Aid as a secure income stream, including being both HMRC Compliant and audit ready. That is why we offer our Historic Gift Aid service, making sure your past Gift Aid can work to keep delivering secure income growth for the future.



  • 2 million+ Gift Aid declarations validated
  • 270,000+ Gift Aid declarations repaired
  • 300+ Delegates at our Gift Aid workshops
  • £5 million+ Gift Aid claims

How we can help you

Data Validation
Data repair
HMRC Audit Support
Guides and Handbooks on Gift Aid
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HMRC Accreditation

We have worked with HMRC for over 20 years, ensuring our processes meet their exacting standards, seeking advice for our clients and supporting our charity base to understand what is required by HMRC in the event of an audit.

Media Hub

Once we have indexed and validated your charity’s Gift Aid declarations, we offer our platform-based Media Hub to store the declarations. We also store any important donor-focused media such as direct debit mandates, eliminating the worry over expensive storage costs, and offer you the all-important solution to simple retrieval.

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Why work with us

Providing data security, experience, and solutions.

  • The Support we offer is based on our can-do philosophy
  • Over 40 years senior management team experience
  • Charity people who really understand your challenges
  • Providing solutions to the problem of multi-platform data.

Charity Experience

We’ve built our platform through the experience of collaborating with charities just like you. Our vision is to make our innovative, cost-effective, and flexible web platform available to all charities.

We would love to work with you so we can keep on building more great products and features, and make every gift count.

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Gift Aid Manager

If you are considering outsourcing Gift Aid

We offer HMRC Compliant Gift Aid software.

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