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Supporting charity data teams, we can build bespoke reporting on Giftease Analytics - delivering you actionable insights

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Why buy reporting services from us?

We have 50+ years of combined experience working in the charity sector. We help design data strategies that drive rapid value and sustainable growth, deliver data readiness, data quality, data management and business measurement, and build AI solutions to automate your actions.

By drawing on our deep industry knowledge, we help you discover, build and drive value from your data assets to help you make better decisions faster.

  • data leadership
  • data platform
  • business measurement
  • business intelligence

Looking for ready made reports?


We’ve already integrated with over a dozen CRMs and third-party data sources

One frequently asked question is how we can provide analytics based on your data. Watch our short explainer video to see how our platform works.



Services to suit any budget

Our reporting is a tailored product that's unique to each organisation. We consider the subtle nuances of your reporting needs to create a custom report that looks and feels just right. Contact us to learn more about how we build bespoke reports based on your requirements.

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Achieve Results Faster

2x faster speed-to-deliver, so you can spend more time realising benefits.

With zero time-to-recruit or lengthy onboarding processes, Giftease Solutions gets you to data-led decision-making 2X faster than building an internal team.

All delivered with data and reporting experience and a deep charity knowledge.

  • The Support we offer is based on our can-do philosophy
  • Over 40 years senior management team experience
  • Charity people who really understand your challenges
  • Providing solutions to the problem of multi-platform data.

We’ve built our platform through the experience of collaborating with charities just like you. Our vision is to make our innovative, cost-effective, and flexible web platform available to all charities.

We would love to work with you so we can keep on building more great products and features, and make every gift count.

Our experience with just some of our charity clients