We deliver Gift Aid management workshops, empowering organisations to maximise Gift Aid as a dependable income source

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How we can help you

Many organisations find, at one time or another, they need support to run an effective Gift Aid scheme so we provide workshops to fit all budgets.

  • Bespoke Training
  • Gift Aid discovery days
  • Pass an HMRC audit
  • Classroom teaching

What we offer

Discovery day

For many organisations Gift Aid represents a significant income stream. A good Gift Aid scheme is wholly dependent on best practises and avoiding the risk of failing a Gift Aid Tax Claim audit. To help charities avoid risk while maximising income we work with you to identify any areas of concern. We know a full Health Check audit can be daunting, so we offer our confidential Discovery Day.

What we do

We meet with your teams to identify issues, concerns or just the need for validation of gift aid processes. We work with you to look for opportunities to maximise Gift Aid, assessing skill requirements for all staff involved in the Scheme, especially front line staff including volunteers, and assess the impact of your chosen CRM on your ability to control the Gift Aid process, working to put Gift Aid at the heart of your Organisation, and so much more.

Talior your requirements

Take the first steps to putting Gift Aid right

Contact us for more information on how we tailor our Gift Aid Discovery Days to suit your organisation. Whatever your requirements, including Retail Gift Aid, we will work with you to make Gift Aid robust, dependable, compliant and secure.

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What we offer

Bespoke workshops

For over 20 years we have been providing charity people with the skills required to manage their Gift Aid programmes. Classroom learning isn’t always the most cost-effective way to train your teams – bespoke learning focuses on the particular areas of concern at your organisation to help teams better understand Gift Aid to remain HMRC Compliant.

What we do

Through a minimum of two workshops, with each workshop lasting approximately two hours. The first workshop will introduce your organisation to the “how, what, when and why” of the Gift Aid Scheme, to ensure all teams whatever their responsibilities, are aware of the need to understand there is an end to end process involved in getting Gift Aid right.

The second workshop is all about how Gift Aid is working at your charity, what needs to be improved and how Gift Aid will work so much more effectively as a cross organisational responsibility.

Looking for online self-paced learning?

Visit the Giftease Academy. Designed to enable participants to learn at their own pace, our courses cater to those looking to deepen their understanding of how to maximise income for their organisations.

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Prefer a classroom setting?

We have been running Gift Aid Essentials workshops since 2004 and throughout the pandemic. We find mixed Gift Aid ability training helps give people the confidence to talk about issues which concern them.

Certificates of Attendance

Certificates of Attendance are issued to all delegates who attend and complete our Gift Aid Essentials workshops.

Trainer Led Workshops

Giftease Solutions workshops are managed by The Charity Knowledge Hub – the centre of excellence for all areas of charity knowledge and training. Link below.

Essentials training

Our Gift Aid Essentials training is available online. Keep up to date with available dates and to register your interest and book your place via The Charity Knowledge Hub website. Link below.

The Charity Knowledge Hub


Why choose our Workshops?

We have over twenty years’ experience of delivering Gift Aid learning to the sector. We believe knowledge is the door to unlocking a scheme often veiled in myths - we empower organisations to own the processes and maximise their Gift Aid potential.

Claiming Gift Aid that is rightly yours

Every year over £700 million is left unclaimed or wrongly claimed under the Gift Aid Scheme – income which we believe belongs to our sector. And yet after 23 years charities remain far too cautious, preferring not to claim Gift Aid in case it “all goes horribly wrong”.

Maximise your Gift Aid scheme

Often, charities have relied on one person to manage the Scheme. And however competent that individual may have been, when they eventually move on, so does the Gift Aid knowledge. At Giftease, we believe the Scheme should lie at the heart of your organisation.

Empower Knowledge, Learn Skills

At Giftease we passionately believe in empowering charities with the knowledge and skills to run your Gift Aid Scheme effectively. We train, support, and help you manage the Scheme to ensure you maximise Gift Aid income while minimising risk.

The Learning Centre

What you can expect


First Class training

For over twenty years of delivering first-class Gift Aid learning to the charity sector, we encourage all charities to take what they have learned and share the knowledge through your own “Gift Aid Knowledge Hub”.


Access to learning

Through our traning and workshops we give charities the confidence to take what they have learned. We help evidence the materials required to pass HRMC audits.


We are Gift Aid experts

For over twenty years, we have offered the Charity Sector practical and technical Gift Aid support. We have worked with hundreds of charities to provide solutions to their Gift Aid problems.


Here to support you

Some clients are still working with us after many years, and we are there to offer help and support when required. We offer training to update Gift Aid knowledge, teach new staff and introduce any new Gift Aid rules. We will even sit with you through an HMRC audit!