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View your advocacy petitions, emails, opt-ins and donation data from Engaging Networks. We are proud to be an Engaging Networks Technology Partner.

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Action Manager (Advocacy)


Use our Microsoft Power BI dashboard to analyse your Engaging Networks data and unlock the full potential of your digital campaigns by tapping into valuable insights and drawing actionable conclusions. Tailored for seamless integration with Engaging Networks, Action Manager works to deliver a user-friendly interface with comprehensive visualisation tools to fuse, analyse, and simplify your advocacy data, enabling key stakeholders to improve business processes and better target outcomes.

By providing accurate performance metrics across various channels, our Power BI dashboard will empower your organisation to pivot strategically, optimise campaigns effectively, and amplify your social impact like never before.

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Action Manager lets you view your campaigns’ detailed breakdown, allowing you to filter results by campaign, action type, year, quarter, month, and day. Get supporter counts by region while providing filtering options for action types and campaigns.

Analyse email metrics effectively with insights into the top 10 campaigns by opened counts, view linked petitions, and click-through to participants’ records directly on the Engaging Networks platform.

Access data on campaigns, target signer metrics, referral origins, and the top 10 targets by signers; all data is filterable by campaign, origin, organisation, and target.

Our cutting-edge reports are perfect for better understanding your campaigns and refining your strategies.

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We’ve already integrated with over a dozen CRMs and third-party data sources

One frequently asked question is how we can provide analytics based on your data. Watch our short explainer video to see how our platform works.

How it works

What you can expect


Seamless Data Integration

Synchronise your data monthly, weekly or even daily – select the frequency that suits your organisation.


Fast, Easy, Secure Access 

Login and access your Engaging Networks data in a couple of clicks.


Beautiful Visualisations

Filter your reports easily and share them securely.

Power BI

How do I access my reports?

After signing up for the Giftease Platform, you’ll receive a code sent to your mobile device. With this, you can securely access your reports anytime and anywhere using an internet-enabled device.

Follow our link to watch a video demonstrating how fast and simple it is to access your reports.


Choose a subscription that works for you

Giftease offers three subscription tiers. You can purchase each Giftease product individually or combine your products to develop a powerful fundraising tool.

However, we understand that for now, you may want to see what our Engaging Networks dashboard delivers, so see below for our example costs based on purchasing just this product.

Action Manager is available on a monthly subscription and can be cancelled anytime. However, we also offer Action Manager under a 12-month subscription, which includes a FREE Smart View subscription.

Professional 249/£ month
  • 3 User Licences
  • 100 GB Cloud Storage
  • Max 150k supporters in EN
  • Weekly Data Imports
  • Mon – Fri 9am – 5.30pm Support
  • 50% off w/ Analytics subscription
  • Two Additional Licences (Upgrade)
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Enterprise 399/£ month
  • 5 User Licences
  • 500 GB Cloud Storage
  • Unlimited supporters in EN
  • Daily Data Imports
  • Mon – Fri 9am – 5.30pm Support
  • 75% off w/ Analytics subscription
  • Unlimited Licences (Upgrade)
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Offering the complete package

Combine our Engaging Networks Action Manager with


Creating beautiful interactive data visualisations with our in-built Microsoft Power BI tool.

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Smart View

Smart View is our lightweight alternative mobile solution for accessing your supporter data. It comes free with a 12-month subscription to Action Manager.

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Bespoke Reporting

Save time recruiting, training and embedding an in-house data team by using data services from Giftease Solutions.

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