Historic Gift Aid

We validate, protect, and secure past claims under your Historic Gift Aid scheme, enabling you to remain HMRC audit-ready

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What we offer

Protecting Historic Income

Many organisations work hard to make Gift Aid a dependable income stream whilst remaining HMRC compliant.

With the current impact of the Cost-of-Living Crisis still to be fully felt, we know all organisations are looking for ways to increase income. More and more charities are expecting to make Gift Aid work harder. But while looking for new Gift Aid opportunities, you need to be able to trust the data you are analysing.

At Giftease Solutions, we have years of experience, the services and the know-how to help you protect historic Gift Aid and increase future income bringing peace of mind to your Gift Aid Scheme.

Gift Aid Validation Service

You need complete peace of mind that your Gift Aid Scheme is fit for purpose. Our Gift Aid metrics are the first step to managing your historic gift aid – they will deliver a footprint of your Gift Aid scheme and will flag up issues that may need addressing to remain HMRC compliant. It also provides important information on your Gift Aid declarations.

The common reason for contacting us is concerns about missing or invalid declarations. We work directly with you to deliver a unique validation service – whatever type of Gift Aid declaration has been used to support your historic claims, we ensure they are valid.


And we continue to support your Gift Aid programme. Giftease Gift Aid Manager enables you to make those important informed decisions by monitoring the critical metrics which will identify not just continued HMRC compliance but maximise Gift Aid by identifying opportunities. We also encourage you to take ownership across the organisation by offering Gift Aid  knowledge based workshops to manage the process inhouse.

Retrospective Qualifying Period

What is the RQP?

RQP is the period your charity can retrospectively claim Gift Aid on Gifts, which the HMRC can audit, and is usually the past four years plus the current tax year.


Gift Aid Metrics

Analysing your Gift Aid Data

The first step is to establish the data stats on your own CRM. We do this by confidentially and securely analysing the Retrospective Qualifying Period (RQP). 

Delivering the key metric indications will give the following information:

  • Unique number of supporters appearing in claims
  • The total amount (£) of Gift Aid which could be at risk
  • The total amount (£) of repairable Gift Aid which could be claimed.


Repair Programme

Gift Aid Repairs

Following the validation process, we take the invalid declarations and, using the allocated repair codes, create a communication programme for emails and letters. We fix your liability period.

Matching repair codes to the appropriate letter is a complex but highly effective process, ensuring every supporter receives the proper communication relating to the error on their Gift Aid declaration. 

In line with HMRC rules, and after the statutory 30 days, supporters’ donations become valid again for Gift Aid, and more importantly, cancel your liability on any Gift Aid already claimed.


The outcome of the validation and repair programme enables Giftease Solutions to update your CRM Gift Aid tables with the new and validated Gift Aid information.

As part of the Gift Aid Metrics service, we even provide an end-of-project report card, a full breakdown of securely claimed gifts vs liability income still at risk, with supporter and gift counts broken down by tax year or even tax month. 

We will even work with you to deliver outcomes to your senior leadership teams and internal and external financial auditors.

Historic Repair Service – Who is it for?

Our solution is for any charity, from SME to enterprise level, who is looking to protect their historic Gift Aid income by working with us to repair invalid declarations, based on claims already made to HMRC.

Gift Aid knowledge and expertise

Why Repair?

With over 50+ years combined experience in fundraising and technology within the charity sector, our Gift Aid knowledge has helped many charities to understand the sometimes-complex HMRC rules on tax reclamation.

Secure vital income

Having already reclaimed the tax and spent the payments no organisation wants to be in the position of having to repay much needed income to HMRC. Using our services reduces the risk of repayments and secures monies already claimed.

Maximise your scheme

We know some organisations will put caution first and stop any Gift Aid if no evidence of a declaration. Very often we will identify not just invalid declarations, but missing declarations and help you to repair these too.

Take back control

Sometimes senior management will confidentially share with us that they feel out of control of the Gift Aid Scheme. We take every part of the process, and we hand you back a complete Gift Aid footprint of all your historic Gift Aid for your organisation to move forward with renewed confidence.

Historic Gift Aid

What you can expect

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Our commitment

Working to an agreed scope we will put together a Statement of Works agreement with costs for your approval.


We’ll fix the issues!

Moving foward we will index and identify your declarations and from this produce your Liability stats, identifying what is good to go and what remains at risk and needs repairing.


Repair service

Using the information from the validation service, we will take the invalid declarations, excluding those that cannot be repaired, such as gone aways and deceased, and focus on the Gift Aid declarations which can be fixed, either by email or post.

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